Loot 4-Ways: Cartwright Tables

We were so excited to include our friends in our first Loot 4-Ways photo shoot.  We had such pleasure working with some super talented people in Austin and couldn’t wait to include them as we announced our new Cartwright tables to the world!  Each stylist has equally beautiful and unique design qualities to bring to the table (pun intended).

In creating the Loot 4-Ways sessions we hope to not only show you how versatile our items are in many genres and styles, but also to introduce you to some amazing talent! Feast your eyes and enjoy these beautiful snaps from the lovliest Carli from Inked Fingers.

birddog_blogFlorals and styling by Bird Dog Wedding


Bird Day FloralFlorals and styling by The Nouveau Romantics


gypsy_blogFlorals and styling by Gypsy Floral


36th Street Florals by Merveille Florals and Events and styling by 36th Street Events

Thank you everyone for your participation and we look forward to more Loot 4-Ways sessions to come coupled with some more amazingly talented designers!

Lootfully Yours,

Anna and Rhoda

Handmade by Loot with Love


Over the past week we’ve been sharing Penny’s woes and just can’t take the sadness of her situation any longer, help is on the way, Penny!

We’re so excited to share Loot’s solution to all of your DIY problems!  We’ve officially added a handmade rentals line to our rental family and hope to relieve all the Penny’s of the world from DIY madness.  We see the stresses of DIY all too often, how it takes a toll on the bride & takes a lot of the happiness out of wedding planning, so we want to help!

 We have created simple items that can be easily customized to fit your unique style. Backdrops in neutral tones that pair beautifully with any color scheme you choose. Table top details that can mix and match wonderfully with some of our vintage rentals or your florals alone, creating the perfect accents to show off your sweet style.
Starting today you will be able to see some of our growing handmade collection which we’ve added to our inventory offerings on the site. Throughout the coming weeks we will be unveiling more unique backdrops, tabletop decor and other handmade desires to our new line.  Our handmade rentals are here to help you create a stunning wedding without all the late nights and wasted money…a bride needs her beauty sleep, right?!
And, if you still want to take the credit for all the beautiful details of your wedding that have your guests drooling, you may. Your secret is safe with us. Plus, you’ll be the bride that doesn’t have the crafting battle scars to damper the day, and a little extra jingle in your pocket for the wonderful date nights to come!
We are so excited to offer our brides a way to have their cake (and crafts!) and eat it too.  So here’s to no more late nights, crafting gone wrong, and most importantly, to bringing the happy back to wedding planning!
Lootfully Yours,

Cue The Trumpets, The Cartwright Tables Are Here!!


Loot is super excited to announce the arrival of our new Cartwright tables!  These eight-foot long beauties are the perfect addition to your outdoor or indoor event, ensuring an unforgettable dining experience.

Unlike any other rental farm tables on the market, the Cartwright Tables are created from authentic vintage barn wood harvested from dilapidated barns in Tennessee. Thanks to creator Ausden, Inc., Loot’s vision to have an affordable, beautiful, and truly rustic table was realized.  These planks don’t try to fool you in guessing their age. They flaunt their charming 200-year-old beauty marks with pride.IMG_2713

correct beauty markIMG_2718_Fotor_Collage

Ausden, Inc. out of Nashville, Tenn. rose to the challenge to build a dazzling table with patent-pending hinged legs in the style of old farm tables. Complete with turned wood legs that require no attaching or detaching, these beauties not only store easily and minimally in anticipation for their next outing, they require very little labor to set up. Rather than spending extra money on the additional help, now you can use your saved dollars to add more style and décor to the table top! I know, we’re excited about that, too.

cartwright legs

We currently have 20 Cartwright tables in stock and expect to receive more in the spring. Please contact our staff for availability and pricing.

Saving one barn at a time, we are your friends at Loot.


You know, there’s a Justin, Texas


We were so touched by all the stories we received from recently engaged couples who entered our contest.  It was tough choosing our winner because the love poured through the fingers of the writers and each story was super moving.  We had our tissues out big time while reading through the submissions.  But one couple in particular took the cake. Er…loot.  And that couple was Aspen and Justin.  Their story in her words (tissues ready?):

“I met Justin on Memorial day of 2012. He’s a football coach and a 7th grade Texas History teacher in Liberty Hill. A mutual friend of ours invited us to hang out. Did I mention we both knew this friend for 7+ years but somehow never managed to meet? This was probably a good thing because neither one of us where in a place to get serious before this point in our lives.

“We instantly clicked. He commented on how unique my name was and I said , ‘I’ve always wanted to marry someone who also has the name of a city’.

“He replied ‘You know, there’s a Justin, Texas.’  I wanted to crawl under the seat.  It worked though.  I knew right away I wanted to spend time with him.  Within a week we were in a relationship and I never looked back.

“Fast forward to February of 2013.  I experienced what I would later discover was a seizure. When I had my EEG appointment and I couldn’t sleep (this type of test wants to test your brain completely exhausted), Justin stayed up with me so that I wouldn’t feel tempted to just lay down for a while. The test results came back and declared that my left temporal lobe was misfiring neurons.  I was put on a heavy dose of anti-epileptic drugs.


what cuties!

“The ups and downs, both physically and mentally of trying out different drugs, having test after test done to see if the problem could be pin pointed further, was beyond exhausting.  All I wanted was to be normal.  The medical bills were so high, even for someone who has great insurance.  I was terrified he would think I was too much of a burden.

“The day my driver’s license was taken away, Justin came home like Ryan Gosling in a Nicholas Sparks novel.  He had remembered that there are these tiny bouquets that are sold at HEB that remind so much of the ones that are sold on the banks of the Seine river in Paris. When I was sitting on the living room floor crying, he walked through the door with that little bouquet and a pint of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.

“He told me that I needed to cry and get it out. That I had every right to be sad, to feel mad at the world and to wish that it would go away.  Every tear was more than acceptable, he told me that it’s something I needed to do.  Then, he looked me straight in the eye and told me that when I was done crying that I was going to come back stronger than ever.  That nothing, not even Epilepsy could make me any weaker of a person, because I was the strongest person he knew. My heart melted.


“Football season was the toughest time for me. Justin works 7 days a week and we live in Cedar Park, far away from the wonderful city of Austin that I grew up in.  There were times I felt so isolated I would cry for hours on end. I couldn’t leave when I wanted to, I couldn’t even go to the grocery store.  Saturdays when he would get home from practice, after staying  up most of the night before breaking down film from Friday night’s game, the first thing he would do is ask me where I wanted to go.  He knew I had been stuck in the apartment all day and in lieu of taking a nap, even though he was so tired, he would take me wherever I wanted.

“This past Thanksgiving we talked about how we had been faced with much more as a couple than we had ever imagined.  That if we could make it through this year, that we could take anything on.  It has not been easy, it’s been really freaking hard. But that’s what marriage is about.  It’s about standing next to that other person through all those roller coasters in life.  No matter what.

“The day after Christmas I asked Justin to go up to Mt. Bonnell with me.  It’s one of my favorite places in all of Austin.  While we were up there he proposed with the most beautiful of rings I’ve ever seen.  When he asked me to marry him, I replied ‘are you sure you want to marry me? I’m kind of a mess!’  He laughed at me and reassured me that yes, he did.

they say dogs look like their owners :)

they say dogs look like their owners :)

“I couldn’t imagine my life without him.  If I had to face this past year without him it would have been a lot tougher.  He never lets me feel sorry for myself for very long, which is so important.  He is my rock that I can prop myself up on to get back up to where I need to be (and vise versa).”

Sigh.  I told you to grab tissues!  Aspen & Justin, you two are the reasons why we love what we do at Loot, your story holds a special place in our hearts. We are so looking forward to being a part of your fairytale moment this June, with 50% off your rentals. Mazel tov!

With her venue being The Wildflower Barn in Driftwod, to compliment her “outdoor garden party meets rustic elegance” style, some Loot lovelies Aspen  already has her eyes on are, Sofia, Valerie, Francis, and our marvelous mantle.  We can’t wait to loot you up, Aspen!!


The Loot Team

Loot Partners with Dovetail Logistics to Serve Dallas, Houston and San Antonio

The pain we have felt each and every time we are unable to fulfill a long distance request took over. We just were not satisfied with being unable to flawlessly and seamlessly execute deliveries across extensive miles while making sure we were still maintaining our quality of commitment on the home front in Austin.

Screen shot 2013-11-19 at 12.09.02 PM

Over the summer, we got to know a great friend in Dovetail Logistics while helping out with a photo shoot in Dallas. We were so taken with their caliber of performance and extension of services beyond the typical delivery and execution teams that we couldn’t withhold our excitement to talk with these guys in greater detail.

Dovetail Logistics, an arm of TACT events based out of LA (also serving northern California) has a super great team of experts on the ground in Texas as well! If the synchronized chambray shirts weren’t enough to catch our eye, their polite, servant attitude and willingness to go the distance made us feel super special.

At Loot, we set ourselves apart because of similar qualities we saw in Dovetail and we thought it would be a shame not to embrace the likemindedness and ask for their partnership in sharing our loot love across the miles.

Starting immediately, Loot is available to travel the miles beyond Austin and the Hill Country with the help of Dovetail Logistics. Please send all requests and we’ll do our best to make you feel as special as we felt when we first experienced their quality service. And you’ve just gotta check their super style in person. You won’t be disappointed!

Lootfully Yours,

Rhoda and Anna


Our Newest Looter and Aspiring Leg Wrestler, Loren.


We are so excited to introduce our newest Loot gal, Loren Goldberg. We snatched up Loren after meeting her as the planner for an upcoming wedding we’re styling. We knew right away that she was the perfect match for our little team and we’re so looking forward to all the new and exciting offerings and projects Loot has up its sleeve now that Loren’s on board.

Our little Austin native is a lover of color and all things vintage and crafty. DIY is her thing and gosh darn it, we love her for it.

Here’s a little taste of her pinterest loves that you can find on her board.


If not to talk about all things Loot, Loren is always on hand to share her favorite spots around Austin.  When she’s not holding down the fort, you might find her at Polvos, Maya Star, Lucy in Disguise, uncommon objects, Emma Long Park, Ski Shores Restaurant, Auditorium Shore, Beehive, La Garage Sale, C-Jane, or one of the many bodies of water in the area. 

Other things you need to know about Loren: She has dressed as Mary Poppins, Spike Lee, Hulkmania, Patty Mayonnaise, and a cupcake. Also, she’s a mean leg wrester. You might think twice before crossing her.

Give is a call and ask for Loren! She’ll be your BFF before you know it.

Lootfully Yours,

Our growing Loot Team!

Tribeza Hosts Another Successful Style Week

Just completing their tenth installment of Style Week, Tribeza is not slowing momentum as they take a lead spot as Austin’s premier source in highlighting the city’s style. So it’s no wonder why they throw the city’s premier runway show during Style Week each year.

We were excited to hear from the shows producer,Erika from Erika Stojeba Productions asking us to participate again this year for this standing room only event held on Sept. 26. Thank you to Cory Ryan Photography for capturing some of Loot’s best features.

Please see some of the highlights of the scene below:



Lexus Lounge. Loot Featured: Sofia Settee, Loretta Chairs, Skid coffee table (ghost chairs provided by Aztec Rentals)


Turnquist Lounge. Loot Featured: Glenda Chairs, Little Debbie Poufs, Charlotte Sofa, Skid coffee table (ghost chairs provided by Aztec Rentals)

Dry Goods Lounge. Loot Featured: Lorraine Settee, Emma Chairs, Ollie Ottomans, Damien Lidded Crate

Dry Goods Lounge. Loot Featured: Lorraine Settee, Emma Chairs, Ollie Ottomans, Damien Lidded Crate

We love that part of the proceeds for the lovely evening were donated to Hospice Austin. We are also impressed that Erika was so brilliant to use the Loot pieces to soften the hard features of the industrial concrete , metal and glass setting of the unfinished seventh floor of University Park . Hey, here’s an idea for corporate planners: why not call on Loot to help loosen up some of the most stuffiest corporate events? These vignettes are great examples on how to stage corporate events in yummy style!

And speaking again of style, we’re looking forward to Style Week 11 next fall!

With Loot Love,

Rhoda and Anna