Midcentury Modern Wedding Inspiration


We are so very thrilled to share this colorful, midcentury modern wedding inspiration. You have to take a gander at this beaut!

Carm Collins of Bird Dog Wedding decorating a stunning tablescape and collaborating with Kayla Snell they produced an incredible shoot that we are so very proud of! We love the cobalt blue and peachy orange colors incorporated throughout. How bold and beautiful!

Keep scrolling to see the goodness!


Loot Featured:

Bodhi Table, Trinidad Chairs, Sheep Skin Rugs, Green Leaf Pillow, Brass Candlesticks, Gold Flatware, Vintage Brass Serving Trays, Ceramic Dishware, Clear Goblets, Woven Cobra Chairs, Blue Dyed Pillows (contact for details)


Bird Dog Wedding, Kayla Snell, Davy Gray, 1102 East, Goldie Design Co., Kristi Drake, Hint of Shimmer, ByGeorge Austin, Loot Vintage Rentals, Walton’s Fancy and Staples, Saint Isabel, Casey Vanderstoep, Dagny Hines

Originally published on Ruffled. Click here to see original.


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