A Week in the Life of Loot: Holland is Angry!

More on Holland in a sec. Please take a look at some dreamy pins we’ve posted on our pinterest page.

We got a minor taste of fall earlier this week when the kids were welcomed back to school. Made us so giddy that we instantly went out for pedis with fall colors and pinned some great fall inspiration. Check out some of these new pins from Nicole:



We also enjoyed receiving some new loot this week. See Otto enjoying our new Dallas settee in celebration of the kick off of football season and a few other takes from #adayinthelifeofloot





A two minute styling by Anna:



A fun find inside our newest trunk: a newspaper from 1912. Holland is Angry!



Follow us on Instagram for more snaps of #adayinthelifeofloot. 

Have a happy labor day weekend everyone! We’re looking forward to this weekend’s events and times with the fam. 

Lootfully yours,

Rhoda and Anna


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