Loot Loves Springdale Farm

Jami Nicole Photography

Top 10 Reasons Why we Love Springdale Farm:

10. Paula and Glenn, the owners, are delightful!

9.  The flowers in bloom.

8. The chickens clucking. They don’t know that you’re over there saying your vows, for clucking out loud!

7. Their super great, simple, wooden farm tables.

6. The permanent mason jar lights that hanging in the trees.

5. The charming, no frills, palette to work with (our pews look amazing on the farm…or perhaps some upholstered couches/chairs thrown in? Anything’s possible!).

4. The farm is located right within city limits! No need to bus your guests through windy roads in the country in order to get a breath of fresh air.

3. They operate a public farm stand Wednesday and Saturday 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. Use that time to scope it out incognito.

2. The super sweet farm house that can serve the bridal party as they prepare for the big day!

1. This farm is the ultimate multi tasker as a working farm/farm-to-table supplier to local restaurants/venue. A true pioneer of the 21st century.

Have a great weekend!

Lootfully Yours,

Rhoda y Anna


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