New Loot Monday: Meet Ruth


As her name suggests, she’s strong, no-nonsense, and a leader. One of our newest pieces, Ruth, is a show stopper. She makes us proud, and she’ll do the same for you if you choose to include her in your event design.

Her strong bones made it tough for us to cover her completely in fabric, so we decided to show off her svelte frame with this deconstructed look. Every time we pass her in the warehouse we gasp with delight at her beauty.

While she can take the lead roll with gusto like Katherine Hepburn or Shirley MacLaine, she also can fit nicely into an all-star cast. She’s versatile and honest.

She’s taking appointments for visits and autographs by anyone that needs a little inspiration or pick-me-up while brainstorming their idea of a perfect fete.

Lootfully Yours,

Anna, Rhoda, and Ruth


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