New Loot Monday: Wiry Wires

Hello again from the Land of Loot!

A bleary eyed Anna and Rhoda took to the tents at Warrenton and Round Top this past week to beef up the inventory. Through blisters and sunburns, we were happy to bring home two loads of loot to share with you!

Please feast your eyes on some of our wired additions…perfect for holding picnic blankets, dancin’ shoes, favors, etc.:

We love this teal chippy rack to hold all kinds of nifty articles!

We also couldn’t part without this super sweet wired basket on a stand.

We’ve had these two items for a little while now. We just love this old rusty laundry cart for holding all sorts of things… And our rusty egg gathering baskets pair perfectly with any larger wire accessory.

What would you like to plant in these wiry wonders? Leave us a comment and let us know!

Until next time, we are just plain Looty,

Rhoda and Anna


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