New Loot Monday: Meet Babette

Meet Babette. She came to us looking for sanctuary after retiring from the French circus. For years she traveled around the world wowing fans with her high rise acrobatics and stage beauty. Her undeniable charm and beauty often caught the interest of some of the circus clowns that constantly tried to woo her with squirting roses and endless yardage of handkerchief after handkerchief. While she was flattered by the proposals, her heart remained forever taken by Randolph, the lion tamer. After years of longing to win his attention, she finally decided to end her advances. His love for his lions she knew she could never capture. We were happy to take her in and offer her a new life which we assured her would be full of love and attention. As long as we promised her fresh bread daily and that the show dogs in tutus stayed off her pristine upholstery, she agreed to come join our family. We’ve never been happier.

Anna & Rhoda


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