Loot Charms in Vintage Backyard Wedding

We just had to share this beautiful diy backyard wedding that we were lucky to be a part of at the last minute.

We love the story behind this special family. Aunt Tauni adopted her niece, the bride, when she was 14 years old. Tauni, at the time, had only been married a short four months. Now, years after the adoption, Tauni and her husband were pleased to give away their adopted daughter to the man of her dreams in a small vintage wedding without exceeding their budget of $2,000. We are so impressed with their creativity and the way they pulled everything together using vintage elements.

Luckily, we found each other (through Craigslist believe it or not!) about a week before the wedding. We found the most amazing doors that fit in with her color scheme perfectly…aquas and creams. We also supplied a few oil lamps as well.

Tauni writes:

“I had two things working against me for my wedding location.  First, two huge and extremely unattractive AC units that were on either side of the path leading into the back yard.  I used your doors to cover those as much as possible.  We had the chalkboard welcoming the guests and then insulators/jars on hooks creating a path towards the back yard.  Your doors covered the AC units and made it feel like you were walking back in time to this beautiful vintage wedding.  It was so welcoming.  People loved it!

The other issue was just a big brick back of the house.  I couldn’t hang anything off it because of the brick and it just seemed to over power everything else.  Your other 4 doors helped to break-up the wall and the brick ended up looking fabulous with the glowing milk glass hanging from the doors.  I loved it!”
Here a few photos from the wedding that she so kindly sent to us. We love how she used old silver forks and merchandise tags to display the dessert names! Such a cute detail.
Thanks so much, Tauni! You made our doors look stunning! And congratulations to your beautiful daughter and her new husband.
Anna and Rhoda

7 thoughts on “Loot Charms in Vintage Backyard Wedding

  1. Catherine Brimberry says:

    Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures of the vintage wedding with doors. It was like stepping through a doorway into the past, and enjoying a time where things were much more simple. It was put together like a well done piece of art. Bravo, Anna and Rhoda!!


    • loot vintage rentals says:

      Thanks, Vera Green Productions! We really feel accomplished when we know we are helping those on a tight budget still be able to pull off class and elegance…and really set the bar on vintage style at the same time!


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