Another New Loot Monday

So, what have us Loot girls been up to you ask…Besides adding some great new things to our inventory, like these amazing chippy doors below?


These doors made their debut last weekend, and looked absolutely stunning. We are anxiously awaiting the pictures, so we can share the amazing ways the bride used them.

We have also added 2, yes 2 of these yellow chesterfield sofas. Meet Heidi…her twin sister, Heather is not pictured.

This weekend was spent refinishing our entire collection of church pews. Yep, all 16. We can’t wait to show you pictures of these beauties soon. Their first gig is coming up in a few weeks, and they will be sure to impress! Here they are in their “before” state.

We have also added a cabinet which we will be repurposed into a bar this week hopefully! Stay tuned for more pictures next week. They’re going to knock your socks off!


Happy Memorial Day!

Anna & Rhoda


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