New Loot Monday: Tins!

You might notice that Loot’s been spending a lot of blog time and space on smalls. Not to worry, the bigs are waiting to make a grand entrance after spending time at the beauty salon (aka upholsterer). Let’s not make the smalls feel badly, however. They too deserve their moment in the sun.

Take our newest obsession, vintage tins. We love to mix and match these containers to create beautiful arrangements such as this:

Vintage tins available 3 for $10

Thank you to the seriously talented Ashley of Vera Green Productions for not only providing the succulents and arranging them, but for also creating this masterpiece in between appointments on a moment’s notice.

Also in Loot news today: new pricing menu! Ah, we’re sneaky for not listing it on our website or on the blog. That’s just our way of saying we want to reach out and gab through email or appointment with our clients. If you’d like a copy of your very own pricing menu, just email us at or let’s make an appointment so we can chat face-to-face!

Hope this week is filled with lots of inspiration, not too much perspiration, and loads of elation!


Rhoda and Anna


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