Beaut Loot Monday

These aren’t classified as new loot, but they are so beautiful and have received so many requests, they deserve a post of their own.
Vintage apothecary jars.

Beautiful floral display by Liz of Nouveau Romantics

When we collect our items, we have an idea of how they can be used and what kind of beauty they can help inspire or create. We are always in awe of how our customers use their creativity to go beyond our expectations. To see more pictures of this beautiful display, visit Nouveau Romantics blog.

We currently have approximately 70 of these brown beauties in our collection and are always looking for more. We also supply other types of vessels perfect for floral arrangements like vintage tins, milk glass, mason jars, and tea cups (succulents are beautiful in tea cups, don’t you know!).

Check back with us soon for some more new loot that we are so excited to share with you all!

Until next time,


Rhoda and Anna


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