Meet Lizzy!

Thank you to Kate Carroll for solving our couch dilemma. She nailed the couch’s attitude and persona with perfection. Here’s what she wrote

The couch’s name is Lizzy: It’s short for Elizabeth, a hint of her high-brow upbringing and strong sense of manners. But this is a woman who didn’t let four years at an exclusive boarding school homogenize her life. She’s lived, let her hair down, and now she’s happy and content in her later years. And all her REAL friends call her Lizzy.

Thank you to Kate and all our readers who also submitted beautiful names for our new couch. Kate, expect your vintage cup and saucer set in the mail soon!

We will probably be needing some help in the future with this and love the thought you all put into our pieces. Lizzy thanks you too.

Rhoda and Anna


2 thoughts on “Meet Lizzy!

  1. thuy says:

    hey Rhoda, its Thuy i just picked up some fabrics from you… im curious as to how much this wonderful couch rents for, itd make a fabulous prop for my wedding photos!




    • loot vintage rentals says:

      Hi Thuy! This couch rents for $175/day. If you’re interested in wedding photos, you might consider our hourly rate of $35/hr. The hourly rate requires that you pick up and drop off pieces yourself. Now, this piece is in our Austin location. If you’re taking pictures near there, this would be a great addition to your photos. We do have some pieces in our Fort Worth location that might be better for you since you’re in that area. Let’s talk more about when you plan on doing your photo shoot and some options for you.


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