New Pew Monday

So, some of you already know that Rhoda and I have been looking for the perfect church pews for quite some time now. Well, we found them thanks to our trusty old friend, Craigslist.

The weekend following the sighting, my husband and I set out in a 24 foot moving truck for a little road trip to Victoria, Texas. A small historical town about 2 and half hours away. Here is the story our journey:

We left Austin at noon to make our appointment with the pastor at 3pm. We could have left a little later, but we had to reserve some time to eat bar-b-q in Lockhart. Our usual bbq eatery, Black’s, was packed so we went down the street to Smitty’s. A wonderful little establishment with really good brisket and sauce. I’m still a Black’s girl though.

No road trip is complete without a little bbq

Tyler said that driving the 24-footer was like playing a video game.

Refreshments are a necessity...caffeine helps.

We demolished a Hubba Bubba gum pack…blowing bubbles makes time go by faster.

I won the bubble blowing contest

After much anticipation we FINALLY arrived at the church, on an old military base. The pastor wanted to get rid of them because they were re-building and these just weren’t his style…crazy, right? He didn’t have any history on them, but I am hoping he finds out and tells me. I love knowing the stories behind  the pieces I buy. Anyway take a look at these beauties. I will be removing all the cushions to reveal wood underneath.

4 of the 16

9.5 ft. long!

look at that detail!

Aren’t they just perfect? I was only expecting to get 14 but he had 2 extra ones that were hiding somewhere, so I got 16…16 pews! Each pew seats 8-9 people, which means they will seat 128-144 people as a whole.

If you are interested in having them for your ceremony (I promise they won’t disappoint), let us know!




8 thoughts on “New Pew Monday

  1. Patti says:

    LOVE the pews! Have been looking for some for my sister-in-law’s wedding on the Eastern Shore of Maryland…with no luck so far. I love collecting and selling junk and just may be interested in the “junk rentals” business one day. Good luck with your business, and please check out our blog at Wish you were closer, we have some really awesome stuff at awesome prices! Sale coming up April 15th and 16th.


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