Loot Studio Renovations Underway

Many in Austin enjoyed SXSW this past week, but Anna and I were neck deep in setting up the studio. First, we worked on the floors:

Rhoda working the sander

It might look like I had the thing under control, but it threw me against the wall enough times that we had to call in the brawn of my husband, Matt. He whipped out the staining and sanding the floor in record time with reckless abandon. Beautiful job.

Anna stripping floor

Anna and I worked in the harsh fumes of mineral spirits until a lovely artist down at the end of the hall asked with kindness that we wear these ventilator masks as she was getting high off the fumes and wasn’t even near the project. Notice in this picture that we even have the door closed. Not wise to ignore the power of chemicals!

By 4 p.m. this day, we were still working on the floors and hadn’t even been to the paint store to buy the materials needed to paint the walls. After Matt took over the floor job, we jumped in the truck to head to Home Depot so we could begin the next project…the walls.

I believe we began painting around 5:30 p.m. Between the three of us, two rollers, one paint brush, and the delightful treats from El Chilito on Manor, we were able to complete the job in one night with enough time remaining to watch last Saturday’s episode of SNL at Anna’s before turning in for the night.


Silly from the fumes and utter exhaustion


Anna + Rhoda + banana cream + fork

The shade we picked was discontinued, so I don’t know the name. Matt coined it banana cream which suits it quite nicely. We are very pleased with the results.

While we’ve been super busy on getting our space together, we always have time for collecting more new loot. Check back with us tomorrow for New Loot Monday!

Lootfully yours,

Rhoda and Anna



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