New Digs on New Loot Monday

You won’t be getting any update today on our new finds, although they are glorious. We are more excited to announce our new studio located at 2832 E. MLK Jr., Blvd. in the Flatbed building in Austin.

Flatbed Press and Studio Space

For over twenty years, Flatbed has collaborated and created outstanding works of art by some of the world’s finest artists including Dan Rizzie, Terry Allen, and James Surls. Some of the artists that have occupied and graced our same studio space include Eric Zimmerman and Brant Watson. We are proud and honored to walk the halls and soak up the creative spirit left by these and all the wonderful artists of Flatbed.

We’d write more, but we are dirty and tired from the move. We’ll be painting, decorating, and making our space inviting this next week. Please stop by. We’ll make you a cup of tea.


Rhoda and Anna

P.S. Stay tuned for pictures from our photo shoot with Kari Crowe Photography and Vera Green Productions! We gnome you’ll love it!


4 thoughts on “New Digs on New Loot Monday

  1. Allison says:

    Congrats! I’m so excited for you gals. I can’t wait to see pictures. Please share some once you’ve had a chance to cute-up your space. Those of us who can’t stop by for a cup of tea (wish I was closer) would still love a “tour”!


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