Cooking up some business cards…finally.

I think it might have taken us a little longer than the average business, but we wanted them to turn out just right. We had to find the perfect “card” (merchandise tags), we had to get the paper the perfect shade of brown (tea-dye folks), we had to find the perfect color stamp pads for the “doilies”, and most importantly we had to create the perfect design. Creating the design was the part that took the most time, and it wouldn’t have been possible without Chelsea Fullerton. Chelsea was an absolute dream to collaborate with and she exceeded our expectations with her “doily” graphics, which are stamped on the back of our cards. Chelsea is the woman behind our impeccable branding and I couldn’t speak more highly of such a talented individual.

Here we are in my kitchen, dying and stamping away. All photos courtesy of Chelsea Fullerton.

So there you have it. Stick a fork in them, they’re done!





4 thoughts on “Cooking up some business cards…finally.

  1. Rachel Gill says:

    Hey ladies! Beautiful job on the tags/cards. Where did you have the stamp created for the logo? I’m looking to get a stamp of my logo as well and I’m having a hard time finding one. Thanks so much!



    • loot vintage rentals says:

      Thanks the compliment on the tags! We’re having fun with them. We sourced everything locally. The designer, Chelsea Fullerton. The stamps, Capital City Stamp Company. Both here in Austin.
      I don’t know if you want to source from here, but we recommend both. Good luck and let us know how it goes! Best, Rhoda and Anna


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