New Loot Monday

Rhoda and I had an amazing weekend at her and my brother’s humble abode in Fort Worth. Saturday was filled with bubbles, laughter, and a Hello Kitty cake for my niece’s 2nd birthday, and then Sunday was filled with treasure hunting! Treasure hunting is my favorite activity of all time. The excitement I get from inhaling the old, musty scent of an old box crate (seen down below) sends me into a state of euphoria. I don’t know what it is or why it happens, but it does. Rhoda even told me once yesterday to “hide my excitement” as we approached a storage unit sale full of china and bentwood chairs. I guess if others saw my raw excitement (in the form of a wide grin and odd hand gestures), they might catch on to the beauty of these little diamonds in the rough and snatch them out from under me. Anyway, I contained myself, put my business face on, and we walked away with some amazing finds…

When we got back to the house, we immediately laid everything out in the backyard and put together some shots of our favorite pieces. If you see anything that interests you, let us know! Everything you see is available for rent! Be sure to click on the pictures in the gallery to see descriptions of each item.


Lootfully Yours,






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