New Loot Monday and Memories of Picking Past

This weekend while on our weekly picking excursion, we found ourselves reminiscing on yard sales of the past. After years of taking on the world of estate and garage sales, we realized that there are a few golden opportunities that we’ve happened upon to find some of the best loot of our lives.

One that I remember fondly happened around the time I was first married. My husband and I were living in Arkansas and decided to take a little trip up to the retirement community of Bella Vista located about 45 minutes away. We didn’t know about this particular estate sale, we just stumbled upon it after catching a sign out of the corner of our eye. Yes, one of those kinds of sales. Not advertised, not expected. Just there at the right time.

This was one of those great sales that was conducted  by the family of the couple who had since moved on. There was a room with piles of vintage t-shirts and sweaters thrown on the floor. Another area had old yarns and crafts, which always makes the top of my list of favorite sales. And then came the furniture. A living room chair for 20 dollars, a floor lamp for 10. This is one of those sales that you try to contain your excitement, but no matter how hard you try to be cool, your smile gives you away.

The picks weren’t what made this sale so significant in my mind (although I still wear one of the t-shirts 10 years later….don’t judge). This sale told a life story of one wonderful couple. And it told the story of a sweet, loving, supportive couple that had each other to travel through life. All this when my marriage was fresh and new really made an impact on me.

Not only did their effects shed light on the rich life that they led, the actual house structure appealed to me. We learned that the house was a Lindal kit home which apparently gained popularity in the U.S. in the 60s and 70s. This was a whole new concept to us. This couple made the decision together to move to Bella Vista, buy some land, hire a contractor, and get an ENTIRE HOUSE delivered to their site in boxes and crates. A Lindal home. This idea blew me away. What a fun project to take on together! Love.

We left this sale with a lot of goodies…as many as we could stash in my little VW Golf. This was one of the first times in our young married lives that our furniture was telling a story of its own. That made me feel good. Like we were carrying on the dreams, desires, and visions of that sweet old couple.

That Lindal home made such an impact on us, too. Still to this day, we visit the Lindal site when pipe dreaming up a new house. We have floor plans picked out and packed away in our dream cabin file…just in case one day, we too, will be able to have our new love nest delivered to be built and memories be made.

Here is a taste of some of the weekends picks….some that also tell interesting stories.

Quick Meal stove perfect for event entry staging or guest book sign in

Adding small vintage items to your display can add dimension and pop!

If you're looking for a hutch over a dresser, simply adding crates for lift is a nice touch.

As I was writing this evening, we received a new shipment of furniture that will be added to next week’s New Loot Monday. Until then, stay in touch with some picking memories and pictures of your own. We love to connect with you and share your discoveries in picking. Every piece tells a story.

Have a great week,



2 thoughts on “New Loot Monday and Memories of Picking Past

  1. Dayna King says:

    Love your new business and website! FayMarie told me about it last night. I’m impressed! I look forward to dropping in. Best wishes to both of you!
    Dayna King


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