We were {found} at the Hide and Seek Workshop

Okay, so being in sunny Socal would be plenty for us to be inspired. But walking through the doors of Studio EMP to join the ladies at {found} vintage rentals and meet the other attendees had our hearts all a flutter. Just looking at the decor and furniture inside the studio that Jeni Maus and her husband photographer Joel Maus share was enough to say, “okay, I can say my expectations have been met.” This is all before the workshop actually began.

Beautiful installation by Larrissa Rehder of Inviting Occasion

I believe after embracing all the attendees and tagging them by their location (“These are my new friends: Chicago, Portland, Fresno, Nashville, and San Francisco. Say hello!”) we spent a good chunk of time oogling over the furniture and “smalls” (the term coined by the ladies at {found} for all the rentals that were not furniture or bulky). Next, we sat down to begin our morning of top-lining how they got started, the pitfalls they discovered, organization tactics, questions to ask ourselves, and all the stuff necessary to be in this business. I don’t know how Allison, the business director at {found}, whipped up her savvy and discussed all the aspects of the business over the time we had, but she succeeded without missing a beat. Seriously, this girl Knows. It. All.

And what can we say about Jeni? I mean we’ve followed {found} since we devised our concept of vintage rentals (by the way, she’s the first to do it). The girl has style. She has a gift. She has an aesthetic. The biggest inspiration about her was learning that people come to {found} not to find a rental, they come to be inspired by her. She is her own brand. If we aspire to that one day, I think we’ve achieved our goal. Watching her work her magic at the flea market is a workshop unto its own.

Then comes the warehouse. Let me just tell you, when we walked down the street and stood in front of the giant sliding doors, I felt like we were about to walk in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.

“If you want to view paradise, simply look around and view it. Anything you want to, do it! Want to change the world….there’s nothing to it.” Willy Wonka.

Seriously, when the doors opened we felt like we were entering a candy world. Eye candy. The staging, the pieces, the walls, the shelves, the upholstery. Everything was gorgeous. One of Jeni’s mantras was that she doesn’t buy what she wouldn’t put in her own house and her warehouse shows that kind of love. I can only imagine being a bride trying to outfit my wedding. The trouble would be where to stop?


Even the walls of the warehouse are delectable...much like the lickable wallpaper offered by Wonka...but we didn't dare sample the goods

The next day we were at the Rose Bowl before the dawn for the monthly flea market. What a treat! Acres upon acres of beautiful loot to be had. What a tease!  If we had suitcases big enough, we would have done much more damage. But we loved what we experienced and the items that we saw (some in quantities that I never dreamed would be found together like these stacks of perfect crates):

One of our highlights at the end of the flea market was meeting the women of Bash, Please. These creative geniuses were the talent behind the Hitched event in Palm Springs. My excitement with meeting these ladies as well as all the women throughout the weekend was hard to contain. I might have embarrassed myself a bit, but it was so worth it.

So, Austin. Get ready. Loot is on fire and ready to serve. Thank you to the gals at {found} as well as all the creative ladies we met over the weekend, we got just the boost we needed to take Austin to the next level in event furnishing and staging.

“The suspense is terrible!

I hope it will last” – Willy Wonka

Talk to you soon when we share more amazing loot for your special occasion.

xo, Rhoda


6 thoughts on “We were {found} at the Hide and Seek Workshop

  1. Allison @ Found Vintage Rentals says:

    Rhoda & Anna,
    I’m so grateful that you both came to Hide & Seek this weekend. It was such a pleasure meeting you and hearing your stories. I’m so excited to see your collection and brand grow. You are amazing women and Loot is such an incredible company. You two are going to rock Austin!
    Your undying fan,


  2. Patti says:

    Do you know of any of these businesses on the east coast? I am considering transitioning my antiques/primitives/junk business in this direction. Right now I have a barn sale three times a year..I am in rural MD and DE, so would serve the Annapolis, Easton, Ocean City areas. I have a VERY elementary blog http://www.twochicksbarnsale.blogspot.com/(I'm old for this!) and would definately enlist help from my photog daughter http://www.melissamanzione.net/. What are your thoughts?


    • loot vintage rentals says:

      Patti! Thanks for dropping a line! I went and looked over your blog and saw some amazing items that I think will definitely do well in a rental capacity. I don’t know much about your area of the country in terms of the market for this or if anyone else is doing it. If you enjoy the thrill of the hunt (which you obviously do), and helping others fulfill their visions, then I say that you have a great start to a great vintage rental business. Even if there are other companies in your area, I don’t think that should dissuade you from starting your own. Sometimes the competition will help you keep your product sharper! And if you have your photographer daughter’s help, I say go for it! As with any start up businesses, there is always risk involved, and this business is no different. But if you can see yourself loving the finding process, working with clients, working out delivery logistics as well as inventory management, you just might be on your way to something great. Best wishes to you!


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